SoVail:  Breathtaking views from every direction


Finding the High Mountain Region

Getting to the high mountain region of SoVail is easy and scenic. From Denver, take I-70 west to the Copper Mountain exit only an hour west of Denver, then take all-weather Colorado highway 91 over the continental divide only 15 minutes away and you are on the northern edge of the high mountain region of SoVail. From Colorado Springs take U.S. highway 24 west and you enter the high mountain region of SoVail only an hour and a half later as you exit the town of Buena Vista. The mountain scenery from both routes is spectacular.

Driving Routes to the High Mountain Region

The high mountain region of SoVail is bordered by the continental divide on the north and west, by the Ten Mile/Mosquito mountain range on the east and the Collegiate mountain range on the south. It is framed by the peaks of a number of 14ers, with the High Mountain Valley bisected by the gold-medal fishing Arkansas River as it begins is 1,000+ mile journey to merge with the Mississippi River.


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